How Do I Apply for Membership?

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Executive Women of the Palm Beaches.

Membership in Executive Women of the Palm Beaches is open to individuals of good moral character who live and /or work in Palm Beach County and meet certain professional criteria. Briefly, membership requires a professional affiliation for at least two years as well as significant community service prior to applying for membership. In addition, a candidate needs to have attended at least one EWPBF function and have a sponsor who will write a letter of recommendation as well as serve as a mentor. Please visit the Criteria and Procedure page before applying for membership

Completed applications are reviewed monthly. You will be notified of your approval via phone call or email from our Foundation Manager. As a new member you will also receive a formal letter will be guided through the process of enrollment by the Foundation Manager.

Upon approval of your membership you will be asked to pay a one time only administrative fee of $50 plus your annual dues. Your membership will be effective upon receipt of your payment.

Apply Now

1. CRITERIA: CLICK HERE to review the EWPBF Membership Criteria page

2. APPLICANT: CLICK HERE to download application. Once completed please email to along with your sponsor’s name and your resume.

3. SPONSOR: CLICK HERE to download the Sponsor Letter and Checklist. Once completed please email to Please feel free to add your own words, being sure to cover the key points on the checklist as this will be used to expedite the vetting process.

Annual Dues

Executive Member $300 per year

$50.00 one-time New Member Administrative fee billed with acceptance letters.

Gracey Society Member $200 per year

Membership in the Gracey Society is open to EWPB past presidents or involved members who have served on the Board for at least two terms, chaired at least two or more committees, and who have been Executive Members for over eight years. Eligibility is determined by the Board of Directors.

Emerging Leader Membership $200 per year

Emerging Leader Membership is a non-voting membership for those women who are on an executive track and do not yet meet all the criteria for Executive Member. An Emerging Leader Member is expected to, within two years, Take the necessary steps to qualify for Executive Membership.


1. currently, and for the two years immediately prior to application, has had a significant ownership position in a business; or
2. currently, and for the two years immediately prior to application, holds an executive-level position with a high level of authority and responsibility in one or more volunteer, private, volunteer or public sector organization; or
3. currently holds an elected public office; and
4. in addition to 1, 2, or 3above, has demonstrated commitment to community service through documented volunteer service to a community based public service organization or program, non-work related, through an active role of leadership, collaborative effort, individual achievement and/or special projects

A prospective member needs to be sponsored by a current Member who is familiar with applicant and her qualifications for membership.

Applicants for Membership must attend at least one EWPB event within the one-year period immediately prior to making application.

A completed application includes

1.Online or printed MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION to be completed by applicant
– Optional RESUME, CURRICULUM VITAE or BIO if available

2. COVER LETTER – submitted by applicant detailing desire to join EWPB as well as anticipated contributions to EWPB

3.LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION AND COMMITMENT to be completed by sponsor which includes:
– How long she has known the candidate and in what capacity
– How EWPB can be of beneficial to the candidate
– How EWPB will benefit from the candidate’s membership
– Any other pertinent information that the sponsor would like to include
– Commitment as a sponsor

4. SUMMARY CHECKLIST to be completed by sponsor

Application process

Upon receipt of a completed application by the EWPB office, it will be reviewed by the Membership Committee. In the case of an application that does not meet the criteria, the Chair of the Membership Committee will contact both sponsor and applicant. Qualified applicants are recommended to the Board of Directors. An affirmative vote of acceptance by the majority of the Board of Directors is necessary to complete the process.

Accepted applicants are contacted by the Chair of the Membership Committee and welcomed into the organization. A new member will be given a Membership Packet by the EWPB Association Manager who will guide her through the details of enrollment as a member.

Annual dues must then be paid within 60 days of receipt of their dues invoice to activate membership.

Membership Expectations

New members and their sponsors are strongly encouraged to attend a New Member Orientation, which is held at least semi-annually.

All members of EWPB are encouraged to participate in sustaining and growing our organization as well as supporting the EWPB vision and mission. There are many opportunities for involvement including attending EWPB events, participating in a committee (Programs, Membership, WILA, Advocacy, Leadership Institute, Newsletter, etc.), sponsoring an event, and offering one’s particular expertise and talents where needed. Suggestions from members regarding best practices and innovative ideas are always welcome.

A member’s financial obligation includes, but is not limited to, payment of annual dues. In addition, every member is asked to contribute (in any amount) to the Every Member Campaign, which goes to support the activities of our Foundation. A contribution of $350 includes a Champion Sponsor Level Ticket to the annual Women In Leadership Awards (WILA) luncheon, held in May each year. Members are encouraged to attend at least two EWPB events annually as well as WILA and the Annual Meeting and please be aware that most of our events do involve a registration fee.