The following are our past Women In Leadership Awards honorees.


Year Volunteer Sector Private Sector Public Sector

1984-First Year

Mary Weiss

Susan Schulyer Smith

Frances"Dolly" Hand

1984-First Year

Mary May Lider, Arts

Joan Barice, MD

Elizabeth Kaufman
1985 Sister Pat Downs Marian V. Lewis Dale McCall
1986 Phyllis Hoffman Judith Goodman Mary D. Hinton
1987 Elaine Alvarez Agnes Ash Rosemary Barkett
1988 Harriette Glasner Susan L. Petersen Mary Lupo
1989 Vivian Rubinger Glory B. King Pat Pepper
1990 Bonnie Weaver Kathy Adams Joyce Laird
1991 Margaret C. Donnelley Barbara L. Allan Lois Frankel
1992 Sonia Gregersen Nichole Duplaix Nancy Graham
1993 Leah Shad Janet Harris-Lange Mildred M George
1994 Dorothy Peck Julie Kime Clara King Williams
1995 Dari M. Bowman Catherine Lowe Judy Thompson
1996 Kathryn C. Vecellio Eileen Berman Mary B. Hooks
1997 Emma T. Banks Jana K. Rasmussen, MD Rosalind Murray
1998 Helen Messic Mona Reis Jean Malecki, MD
1999 Rebecca Doane Shirley Simpson-Wray Delsa Bush
2000 Gayle A. Landen Patricia Lebow Sharon Merchant
2000 Special Award: Inspirational Leadership Sister Betty Frascino    
2001 Joyce McClendon Paula Nicoletti Joan Smith
2002 Toby Chabon Berger Young-Sook P. Song Greta Stiebel-Chin
2003 Beverlee Miller Janet Craft Gaetana Ebbole
2004 Gigi Tylander Patricia Lowry Karen Marcus
2004 Special Award: Inspirational Leadership Lois Cohn Kwasman (awarded posthumously)    
2005 Shandra Stringer Marcie S. Gorman Allison Metcalf
2006 Jean Brown Fischer Mary E. Bishop  
2007 Patti Webster Hamilton Robin S. Bernstein Sharon R. Bock
2008 Jill Hanson Rita Barreto Craig Cathy Cohn
2009 Cheryl Crowley Kathi Kretzer

Alina M. Alonso, MD

2010 Christine Oberlink Karen Clarke Maria Vallejo
2011 Nancy Marshall Melanie Bone, MD Lois Gackenheimer
2012 Dorothy Bradshaw Maureen Whelihan, MD Rena Blades

2012 Special Award: Inspirational Leadership

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