2014-2015  Committee Listings

 Committees:  Name:

Acknowledgements (Joint) 
 Chair    Sandra Kaplan

Advocacy (EWPB) 
 Chair    Denise Valz
 Co-Chair    Sandra Close Turnquest

 Co-Chair    Beth Crews
                         Co-Chair    Rosanne Duane

EWPB Leadership Institute 
 Chair    Susie Dwinell
 Co-Chair    Shana Peterson-Sheptak
 Launch Team    Regina Bedoya

Every Member Campaign  (Joint)    
 Chair    Tish Lowry
 Co-Chair    Lisa Matthews Bondurant
PP Co-Chair   Michele Gurto

Fall Luncheon
Chair   Cecy Martinez

Finance (EWPB) 
 Treasurer    Nanette Norton Winzell
 Treasurer-Elect    Deanna Fisher

  Pam Payne
  Sandra Close Turnquest
Gift Giving
Co-Chair   Suzy Petersen
Co-Chair   Tish Carlo

Gracey Society    Cynthia Gracey

  Diane Peterson-McNeal

  Terry Gearing

Holiday Reception (Foundation)
Chair   Gina Sabean
Co-Chair   Tish Carlo
Co-Chair   Beth Walton

Investment (Joint)
Chair   Suzy Petersen

Kwasman Community Impact Grant (Foundation)
Chair   Harreen Bertisch
Co-Chair   Virginia Spencer

Legacy Society (Foundation)
Chair   Tish Carlo
Co-Chair   Suzy Petersen
Past President Co-Chair   Michele Gurto

Leadership Institute
 Co-Chair  Susie Dwinell
 Co-Chair  Minx Boren
Lunch Bunch
  Trish Lowry
Co-Chair  Betsy Owens
Marketing/Communications (Joint) 
 Chair    Donna Hamilton
 Annual Report
  Terry Gearing

Membership (EWPB) 
Chair    Julie Swindler
Vetting Co-Chair    Denise Mariani
Co-Chair    Lori Fischer

Nominating Committee (EWPB):
President    Charlotte Pelton
At Large Member    Tish Carlo
Incoming EWPB President    Sandra Close Turnquest
Past President    Terry Gearing
At Large Member    Katie Newitt

Programs (EWPB) 
 Chair    Anita Holmes
 Co-Chair    Syndie Levien

Public Relations (EWPB) 
       Newsletter/Social Networking
  Selena Smith
       Directory    Trixy Walker  
  Robbyn Ackner

Scholarships (Foundation) 
 Chair    Pam Payne
 Co-Chair    Rosanne Duane
 Co-Chair    Tish Carlo
 Co-Chair    Suzy Petersen

Strategic Planning Committee:
 Co-Chair    Charlotte Pelton
                                          Co-Chair    Sandra Close Turnquest

 Chair    Natalie Alvarez
 Co-Chair    Sandra Close Turnquest


Our Mission: Empowering women to succeed and lead

Our Vision: To be the voice that inspires integrity, equality and leadership

in the workplace and our community

The Executive Women of the Palm Beaches
2701 N Australian Avenue, Suite 205
West Palm Beach, FL  33407


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